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Curriculum Vitae





My name is Marc Konings.

From 2004, I have built a lot of professional experience in the multiple departments that the Animation and Audio Visual field offers.

After my two graduations in Audio Visuals in 2001 and Animation and 2005, I’ve been working on several projects in the Netherlands. (From short films, music videos, advertisements to corporate films).

Until I moved to France in the end of 2006, where I focused entirely on the Compositing of 2D animation films and series.
I’m experienced in the work field and gained over all these working-years a great technical knowledge in multiple disciplines.

I’ve worked on 3 animation feature films, quite some animation-series and publicity in France and the United Kingdom. And have been Compositor Supervisor (with a small team working under me) on 3 French productions.

I’m a company-minded team player with the capacity to lead a Compositing team and have an in-depth understanding of working in a high paced environment. While gaining over the working years a great technical knowledge in multiple disciplines.

Some additional information:

My love for images, composition and their treatment with my animation studies have made me travel to multiple locations in Europe.
Moving to a location to continue my love for my work is obviously not an issue, and thus willing to move to wherever there is an interesting project.